What we do

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Our Scope

The INSIGHT_E consortium runs an Energy Observatory and delivers publications on energy policyincluding: Energy infrastructure, New energy technologies and innovation, Economic, market and regulatory analysis, Geopolitics and trade, Climate and environmental impacts, and Societal and behavioral change.

INSIGHT_E Observatory

The INSIGHT_E Observatory supports our publication cycle. It pools expertise from our advice network, provides means for stakeholders to participate in our programme of work, and supports outreach.

Faced with the complexity of the energy policy environment, INSIGHT_E has chosen to orient its Observatory towards the monitoring of the EU’s transition to sustainable and efficient means of energy production and consumption

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INSIGHT_E Publications

Three different deliverables have been designed to make the think-tank’s work responsive to the European Commission’s questioning, reactive to changes and impact-oriented.

  • Rapid Response Energy Briefs: Ad-hoc delivery of knowledge

    The Rapid Response Energy Briefs give quick expert analytical responses to current energy policy questions. They may contain assessments of preselected policy options, identification of potential policy options, or investigations of non-policy issues.

    Frequency: 4 per year. Indicative length: 4 pages (see latest issue)

  • Policy Reports: In-depth analysis of policy options and potential impacts

    The Policy Reports present integrated impact assessment considering at least environmental sustainability, security of supply and competitiveness. They lay out different policy options and include recommendations for the European Commission.

    Frequency: 2 every 6 months. Indicative length: 60-100 pages

  • Hot Energy Topics: Anticipation of the policy agenda and trend analysis

    The Hot Energy Topics, identify topics that are expected to be driving the policy agenda in the near future and also offer interpretations of current political developments.

    Frequency: 6-7 per year. Indicative length: 1 page