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  • Household DC networks: State of the art and future prospects

    INSIGHT_E has released a new Rapid Response Energy Brief on "Household DC networks".

    This study investigates the potential benefits and feasibility of household DC networks. Unlike the case of AC systems, a well-established set of standards for household DC networks is currently lacking. However, several recommended standards and configurations have been discussed in previous studies. This work reviews some of the most promising suggestions and further analyses those that are most suitable to be implemented. In addition, a comparative study is carried out between a hybrid AC-DC system and a proposed DC configuration, for different selected geographical conditions in the EU. Specifically, the comparative study focuses on energy savings from avoiding conversion losses, and economic payback.

  • New policy note on the Outcomes of COP21

    Have a look at our analysis of the COP21 Outcomes

  • The Market Stability Reserve: Assessing Reform Needs and Possible Impacts on the EU ETS

    INSIGHT has released a Hot Energy Topic on the EU ETS Market Stability Reserve.

    This Hot Energy Topic assesses the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS)'s reform with the introduction of the Market Stability Reserve (MSR) as of 2019. This new reserve mechanism has a number of aims; naimly to restore the EU ETS short-term scarcity by absorbing the surplus of allowances, to build resilience to supply-demand imbalances and also to enhance synergies with other climate and energy policies.

  • Exploring the strengths and weaknesses of European innovation capacity within the Strategic Energy Technologies (SET) Plan

    INSIGHT_E has released a Policy Report on Exploring the strengths and weaknesses of European innovation capacity within the Strategic Energy Technologies (SET) Plan.

    This report explored the strengths and weaknesses of the European innovation capacity within the SET Plan Integrated Roadmap through the assessment of energy technology R&I in these specific sectors. The methodology is based on collating publicly available data and compares how the EU performs in comparison to other key countries worldwide through key indicators (e.g. patents, publications and export/import) accross these 13 SET Plan themes.


    On the 1st of January 2015, the Netherlands will held the Presidency of the European Council.

    In order to know more about these priorities, please have a look at INSIGHT_E last policy note.

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