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  • New Policy Report on Business Models for Flexible Production and Storage

    INSIGHT_E has released a new Policy Report on "Business models for flexible production and storage

    Current trends and policies are progressing in the direction of an increased share of electricity from renewable sources in the EU electricity system, in particular from intermittent sources such as wind and photovoltaics. Furthermore, the share of electricity in total energy consumption is likely to increase in the coming years. Finally, there is increasing use of electric appliances in households at varying use through the day. All together this results in potentially large and sometimes fast variation of both electricity production and consumption - as well as the need to match these - calling for temporary production or storage of electricity or conversion of electricity into other forms in a range of scales for both power and time.


  • Debate on "Innovation as a Catalyst for Energy Markets?"

    IFRI will organise a debate on "Innovation as a Catalyst for Energy Markets" in Brussels in June, the 22nd. You can register here.

  • New technology note on the ETS and Market Stability Reserve

    Enerdata issued a new technology note on the ETS and Market Stability Reserve as part of the Insight-E Observatory. 

    You are wondering how the ETS and the MSR work? This technology note is for you! 

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  • Webinar on Reforming the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

    On March, the 9th of 2016, the INSIGHT_E European Project has held a webinar on "Reforming the EU Emissions Trading Scheme" aiming at discussing the potential impacts of the ETS reform. 


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  • Launch of an Energy Poverty Task Force

    The European Policy Centre has coordinated the launch of an Energy Poverty Task Force to assess the role of the EU in tackling energy poverty.
    The Task Force was launched at an event on January 26, 2016 in Brussels, where Audrey Dobbins (University of Stuttgart) presented the results of the INSIGHT_E study on Energy Poverty and Vulnerable Consumers in the EU: analysis of policies and measures. The study has been well received and the recommendations are already being taken up in the policy agenda to contribute to the implementation of the Energy Union by ensuring protection against energy poverty. The speakers included Maroš Ševčovič, Vice-President of the European Commission; Anne Houtman, adviser to the director at DG Energy of the European Commission; Gilles Vermot Desroches, senior vice president for sustainability at Schneider Electric and Marieke Huysentruyt, co-founder of Ipropeller.

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