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  • New HET on the Sustainable Development Goals

    INSIGHT-E has published a new Hot Energy Topic on "Sustainable Development Goals: The EU at the global partnership forefront."

    This HET places emphasis on the importance of SDG 17, which relates to global partnerships. We focus on how the European Union (EU) should play a significant role to assist developing economies in Africa in meeting their energy targets. Thus, this HET analyzes advancement to SDG7 (access to a clean energy) and SDG13 (combat and adapt to climate change) in Africa through the prism of SDG17 (partnership).  

    You can find the publication here.


  • New HET on Societal Appropriation

    INSIGHT-E has published a new Hot Energy Topic on "End-users: The trigger to shape the European Energy System."

    How can end-users in the energy system be empowered? This Hot Energy Topic sheds light on the issue, assuming that the end-user will be key to a successful European Energy Transition. We shortly review the context, describe the process that we coin the Societal Appropriation of energy, a four step process that leads to end-users steering this transformation of the energy system. We then identify some barriers that currently prevent end-users from being empowered and follow with further elaboration on the overall process to employ short-term and long-term measures in order to increase end-users’ awareness and understanding of how to fully participate in the transformation of the Energy System. Societal Appropriation of energy is the process and end-result arising from “the appropriation of behaviour that can lead to change in the overall energy system.” 

    To know more about the paper, please click here

  • New HET on "A Foresight Exercise in the Energy Sector to 2050"

    INSIGHT-E has published a new Hot Energy Topic on "A Foresight Exercise in the Energy Sector to 2050."

    This Hot Energy Topic aims at defining and assessing megatrends impacting the future energy system of the European Union (EU) to the year 2050. This paper discusses the results of an internal opinion pool, targeted at INSIGHT_E’s energy experts, and, performed between 13th and 29th January 2016. The survey allowed respondents to assess the impact of megatrends on three specific impact areas: energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and affordability, in the EU. This paper provides insights on the underlying impact of each megatrend on the energy system, on the degree of uncertainty of the impact outcome, and on how a foresight analysis can support policy development towards the European Union’s long term decarbonisation objectives of 80-95% to 2050 compared to 1990.

    To know more about this publication, please click here.

  • INSIGHT-E has organised a webinar on Fuel Cell and Hydrogen

    On the 7th of June, the INSIGHT-E project has organised a webinar on the Merit Assessment of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Pathways for Energy Applications. If you couldn't attend the event and want to watch the video, please click here.

  • New Policy Report on Business Models for Flexible Production and Storage

    INSIGHT_E has released a new Policy Report on "Business models for flexible production and storage

    Current trends and policies are progressing in the direction of an increased share of electricity from renewable sources in the EU electricity system, in particular from intermittent sources such as wind and photovoltaics. Furthermore, the share of electricity in total energy consumption is likely to increase in the coming years. Finally, there is increasing use of electric appliances in households at varying use through the day. All together this results in potentially large and sometimes fast variation of both electricity production and consumption - as well as the need to match these - calling for temporary production or storage of electricity or conversion of electricity into other forms in a range of scales for both power and time.


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