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  • Webinar on Energy Megatrends

    Today the INSIGHT_E project has hosted a webinar on "The Future of the EU's Energy System; an Assessment of megatrends".

    You can find the presentation of our speakers online.

  • Last General Assembly of INSIGHT_E

    Next week, on the 20th and 21st of October, the INSIGHT_E consortium will meet in Brussels for the last General Assembly of the project.

    The partners will meet in DG ENER's premises to discuss recent publications, ongoing work and next steps.

  • Webinar on Energy Megatrends

    On the 11th of October, the INSIGHT_E project will host a webinar on "The Future of the EU's Energy System: An assessment of Megatrends".

    The webinar will take place from 2 to 3 pm with Aurélie Faure, from IFRI, Céline Jullien and Pierre Serkine from KIC InnoEnergy and Matthew Reading-Smith from Stakeholder Forum. You can join us by clicking here.


  • NEW HET on UK and German coal phase-out

    INSIGHT-E has published a new Hot Energy Topic on "Impacts of a UK and German coal phase-out on the electricity mix and COemissions in Europe."

    Based on modelling results of the HET, the authoring team has shown that renewable generation increases and represents the highest share of electricity generation in Europe in 2040, with or without coal pahse-out. Fossil production becomes more and more expensive due to environmental constraints and higher fuel prices. Thus, electricity wholesale prices increase over the time horizon in all scenarios of this HET.

    You can find this study here.

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