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  • Study on Energy Poverty kicked off

    INSIGHT_E has just kicked off a six-months study on Energy poverty in the European Union, to be delivered in Spring 2015. The report will be focused on policy measures that are specific to energy or fuel poverty alleviation and support to vulnerable energy consumers.

    In the absence of a common EU-wide definition of "vulnerable consumers", the study will look at how the 28 Member States approach the issue. It will identify successful solutions that have been implemented accross the EU, while considering their transferability. Special focus will be given to assessing best practice solutions which aim at serving all stakeholders in the long-term rather than just paying bills or providing short-term assistance (e.g., subsidies). This study will support the work engaged by the European Commission to assist MS with accurately defining the concept of vulnerable customers as required by the directives 2009/72/EC and 2009/73/EC of the European Parliament and the Council, envisage soft EU measures to mitigate the situation for vulnerable consumers and energy poor, and provide recommendations on most effective measures and tools to support such consumers.

    This study is led by University College London and University of Stuttgart and involves E4SMA, KIC InnoEnergy and the Energy Institute Hrvoje Po┼żar.


  • New Energy Brief on integration of energy networks

    INSIGHT_E has published its first Rapid Response Energy Brief (RREB1) on "Synergies in the integration of energy networks for electricity, gas, heating and cooling".
    This paper brings recommendations on how to promote hybrid networks which utilize the synergies of different technologies and energy forms, in order to achieve security of supply, to reduce emissions and to better cope with the demand.

    Executive summary:  Steadily increasing power consumption and ambitious climate protection targets require new approaches for energy supplying structures. Among developments regarding increased energy efficiencies of specific tech-nologies, promotion of renewables and emission-free sources new solutions for a secure electricity, gas, heating and cooling provision must be found. The concept of a hybrid network endorses the utilization of interdependencies between different energy carriers and the corresponding technologies leading to synergy effects, which can have a significant impact on an energy system. The provision of flexible interconnectivity allowing load shifts in time and bridging the spatial discrepancy between energy supply and demand by smart grids will become essential for establishing an efficient hybrid network. Furthermore the hereby associated control and regulatory mechanisms as well as the required holistic approach for storage illustrate the complexity of an energy system in the future.

  • NEW PUBLICATION on the EU gas security of supply

    INSIGHT_E has published its first Hot Energy Topic (HET1) on "Strengths and weaknesses of the European Union gas security of supply"This paper aims to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the EU energy security of supply, with a specific focus on the gas sector. 


  • INSIGHT_E has issued its first newsletter

    In July, INSIGHT_E has issued its first newsletter informing about its activities.

  • INSIGHT_E has issued its project brochure

    Find a basic presentation on our consortium, approach, scope and deliverables on our project brochure.

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