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  • New INSIGHT_E Policy report on Battery Storage

    INSIGHT_E has released a new Policy report looking at how batteries can support the EU electricity network.

    Co-authored by KIC InnoEnergy and Ifri, this report identifies the reasons behind the rapid cost reduction of batteries, and evaluates the applications and areas of the value chain where battery storage appears to be most relevant. It also seeks to identify the framework conditions likely to influence technology development, in particular the regulatory hurdles, market conditions, and environmental risks.

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  • Read our Technology note on CCS

    PSI issues new Technology note on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) as part of the INSIGHT_E Observatory.

    You are wondering whether a large-scale CCS implementation can  enable to achieve reduction of GHG emissions ?  The first Technology Note of the INSIGHT_E Observatory, written by the Paul Scherrer Institute, assesses the strengths and weaknesses of CCS and gives an overview of its maturity and impacts.

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  • New INSIGHT_E paper on shale gas

    INSIGHT_E publishes a new paper on shale gas written by KIC InnoEnergy, Enerdata and University College Cork (UCC).

    This Hot Energy Topic (HET3) evaluates the prospects of shale gas exploitation in Europe by bringing together security of supply elements, technology breakthroughs and recent cost and resource estimates for shale gas. The paper assesses what needs to be considered if a full scale development of shale gas in Europe is to be envisaged. It draws from comparative elements with the US experience and from the Polish case, where most drilling has taken place.

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  • New INSIGHT_E paper on curtailment

    INSIGHT_E publishes a new paper on curtailment written by University of Stuttgart and University College Cork.

    This Hot Energy Topic (HET2) report assesses whether it is necessary, in a future with a large share of renewable energy, to accommodate all of them in the system, or if it is more reasonable to curtail a small part of them. While high installed capacities of wind and solar energy in some EU regions frequently induce temporary local overproduction, curtailment could help to reduce necessary investments in storage and smart grids, which has to be weighted carefully against the loss of renewable production. This paper is based on the study of Germany, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Italy, where the share of volatile renewables is particularly high. 

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  • Expert workshop on battery storage

    The presentation given by M. Bo Normark (KIC InnoEnergy) is now available.

    On November 28th, 10 experts of battery storage took part to the first INSIGHT_E expert workshop on our webinar platform. This webinar aimed to present the preliminary findings of our research on the contribution of battery storage to support the EU electricity network. The discussion aimed to gather input on three main questions:


    1) What are your expectations regarding the regulatory framework, at EU level, and at national level?

    2) How do you see the market for battery storage on home level, distribution level and transmission level?

    3) What are the main barriers or drivers for a battery industry in Europe, in particular, for a recycling industry in Europe and for the battery system industry, in particular the Battery Management System?

    If you think that you have missed something and wants to give your opinion on these questions, the discussion continues on our interactive platform. Feel free to leave us a message there!


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