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  • New INSIGHT_E brief on costs of electricity supply interruptions

    INSIGHT_E has released a Rapid Response Energy Brief on "Estimating the socio-economic costs of electricity supply interruptions".

    The paper was written by KTH and the Energy Institute "Hrvoje Pozar".

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  • New INSIGHT_E paper on renewable energy policies

    INSIGHT_E has just released a Hot Energy Topic report asking whether energy policies put too much focus on renewable electricity.

    Prepared by University College London, together with University College Cork, it details the challenges of achieving Europe’s renewable energy objectives and proposes a stronger refocusing of policy action towards heating & cooling and transport sectors, in addition to developing renewable electricity sources.

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  • New INSIGHT_E paper on Unburnable fossil fuels

    INSIGHT_E has just released a Hot Energy Topic report on "Unburnable fossil fuels in a 2 ⁰C world".

    This paper has been drafted by University College London, Ifri and EIHP. It explains what unburnable fossil fuels are, and outlines the implications for Member States, European energy industries, & financial markets.

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  • New INSIGHT_E paper on the WEO 2014

    INSIGHT_E has published a Hot Energy Topic report on "Key messages for Europe from the World Energy Outlook 2014".

    Written by University College Cork, University of Stuttgart and Ifri, this paper presents summary messages for the European Union from the World Energy Outlook 2014.

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  • Energy poverty presentation

    Discover the presentation of INSIGHT_E preliminary study on Energy Poverty accross Europe at the Citizens' Energy Forum by Steve Pye from UCL.

    This presentation was part of the Citizens' Energy Forum in London which took place on 12-13 March 2015.  It shows the preliminary research findings of the INSIGHT_E second Policy report on "Energy poverty and vulnerable consumers in the energy sector: analysis of policies and measures"to be issued in Summer 2015.


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