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    INSIGHT_E has released a Rapid Response Energy Brief on biofuels for aviation.

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    This paper has been drafted by Paul Deane (UCC), Sean Collin and Brian O Gallachoir (UCC). It reviews a range of different targets for emissions reduction in aviation and estimates the quantity of bio jet fuels required to meet these targets.


  • INSIGHT_E policy report results presented to Commission at the Vulnerable Consumers Working Group in Brussels

    The European Commission reconvened the Vulnerable Consumers Working Group in EU energy markets with a meeting held in Brussels on 3rd June, 2015. This follows conclusions from the 7th Citizen’s Energy Forum held in London in March of this  year. The INSIGHT_E policy report on “Energy poverty and vulnerable consumers in the energy sector across the EU: analysis of policies and measures” was presented by Audrey Dobbins of the University of Stuttgart.


    INSIGHT_E has just released a Hot Energy Topic on East-Mediterranean gas potential.

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    This paper has been drafted by Constantinos Taliotis (KTH), Maïté de Boncourt (Ifri) and Kimon Keramidas (Enerdata). It  aims at investigating the conditions and opportunities under which natural gas may reach European markets. The authors analysed the current official figures on regional production, consumption and export potential as well as a number of export infrastructure projects being considered up to the year 2030. And they assessed the barriers to deployment of the potential resource. 


    RREB_4INSIGHT_E has just released Rapid Response Energy Brief on "Quantifying the "merit-order" effect in European electricity market".

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    This brief has been drafted by Paul Deane (UCC), Seán Collins, Brian Ó Gallachóir (UCC), Cherrelle Eid (IFRI), Rupert Hartel, Dogan Keles and Wolf Fichtner (KIT) and aims at quantifying the merit order effect in 2030 and 2050 in European electricity wholesale markets by comparing electricity systems in a Reference and Mitigation Scenario for both years. 

  • New Brief on Electricity Market Design for Low-carbon technologies

    INSIGHT_E has just released Rapid Response Energy Brief no. 3 on "Electricity market design options for promoting low carbon technologies".

    The paper has been drafted by researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. It shows that there seems to be three main tendencies to promote low carbon technologies, namely existing EOM with market add-ons for low carbon technologies, a separate market for low carbon technologies or an overall single market based on levelized costs.

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